Terms and Conditions


The use of data or reuse of data shall comply with the terms and conditions below.

  1. Use of data under these terms as follows:
    1. Data owners can charge data that are subject to fees act set at their respective organisations. Users using chargeable data must comply with the terms and conditions imposed by the data owner.
    2. Data owners can authorize the use of data without charge for a raw, general and open data. Data users who use data are allowed to do things like para two (2).
  2. Users can perform the following:
    1. Copy, publish, distribute and transfer data;
    2. Data adaptation;
    3. Use data commercially and non-commercially; and
    4. Combine data with other data or summarize data in a project, research, product or application.
  3. All users using data from RADARS must specify the relevant data source:
    1. Specifies data sources in research projects, products or applications based on statements determined by the data owner; and
    2. Provide links to these Terms of Use.
  4. EXEMPTION - These Terms of Use do not provide for any rights to:
    1. Personal data;
    2. Name, emblem, logo or any other official symbol of the data owner
    3. Logo of a public sector organization or department;
    4. Royal emblems and military emblems;
    5. Rights of third parties to whom the data owner has no authority over;
    6. Any intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks and design rights; and
    7. Identity documents such as Malaysian Passport, MyKad.
    1. Data is in the form provided by the data owner. Data owners are exempt from any representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the data; and
    2. The data owner is not responsible for any errors and data loss. Data owners are also not responsible for any type of loss, injury or damage resulting from the use of such data. Data owners do not provide guarantees data is provided on an ongoing basis.
  6. LAWS - These Terms of Use are governed by law under jurisdiction and the data owner is the primary owner of the data.